Senen Eduardo Jimenez


At Rack Systems USA the decision to create an alliance with the NITROTEL GROUP was made because of the products reliability, quality plus level of service. We highly recommend them because the stand behind their products.

RACKSYSTEMSUSA - Structural Support Systems. Hialeah, Fl.


Ing. John Sabino 


A few years ago, just a little time before I did start working with Nitrotel Group I was the kind of person that used to think that those big brands name where everything. Now 5 years after that I begun selling my brand(Nitrotel)…and I say my brand because I was the one that introduce it in my local area and have been day after day fighting to preserve it at the level that we already rise it…Comes to my mind the day that I did receive the first call from Nitrotel Team asking if I could be interested of having the distributions rights for the brand, at that point I felt like incredulous because I’ve never heard about them before, but now that I’m part of the team and in charge of distribute a brand that has everything, I feel really proud of been representing it. I can say that I feel really satisfied for the archived yields and growth, not only in vertical direction also in side’s directions as we could say today we are almost in any corner of our country. Nitrotel for me is like a family and I feel supported by them…Thank you very much Nitrotel for having us as trusted.

Wire & Cables S.A - Nitro Exclusive Distributor. Guayaguil, Ecuador

Ing. Jorge Chaverry / Sales Director


As an exclusive holder for NITROTEL PRODUCTS in Costa Rica since 2011, we have archive a substantial increase of our sales in the connectivity and its hardware components in the Costa Rican market, this increment had reach 50% above the periods before 2011, this have been possible thanks to the support and continuity, and a fluid communication with the manufacturer, that always has been in paying attention to the improvement on times, schedules and promt answers. With NITROTEL Group we found a business partner to accomplish our commercial mission in the telecommunication field, having been this line products an ideal and balanced relation between prices and quality.

SB Telecom - Nitrotel Exclusive Distributor. San Jose, Costa Rica

Jennifer Alvarez G. / Gerente Comercial


Nitrotel products has been increasing our marketing borders beyond the expectations that we had for the Colombian market, and not only in the NET Industry, it also has contribute to expand our vision to other fields that we never stepped before. Their competitive prices and quality brought to us leadership in the distribution of telecommunication elements.

Dinatel Group S.A.S - Dinatel C.I. S.A.S - Nitrotel Exclusiive Distributor - Barranquilla, Colombia

Robert Hippchen / Director of Program Management


Thank you NITROTEL GROUP for the professional manner in which you worked with me on the selection and delivery of materials required for the Cisco/Entel-Peru Next Generation Network Project. The quality of the Nitrotel materials along with your expertise in staging and delivery to Peru allowed our in-country installation team to concentrate on meeting the client's schedule.

Director of Program Management


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