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                                             LIFE WARRANTY FOR NITROTEL STRUCTURED WIRING SYSTEMS EXTENDED TO ALL                              CERTIFIED PRODUCT OWN BY THE COMPANY.

 The products approved by NITROTEL, are oriented to be use on data communication STRUCTURED WIRING SYSTEMS. The warranty only can be applied to the passive part that support  the system it self, in any way would this one cover the active component integrated in the system. The prior mentioned statements as “passive part” and “active part” of the system refers the first one to all the components that support, connect, and hold the seconds ones that could be servers, switches and all others apparatus that could apply for this category.


NITROTEL’S  STRUCTURED WIRING SYSTEMS will complain with TIA/EIA 568C.1, C.2, C.3 in an existing property that could support any data transition or application thru a structured cabling system build with the standard regulation TIA/EIA 568C.1, C.2, C.3. just to make this warranty valid. Also all the onsite Jobs must be run by a certificate  NITROTEL Installer making sure that the installation have been developed with accuracy and strictly as per support information given by engineers and technical advisors. By other hand all the cables categories must follow the electrical specs and criteria’s stablished under the standards TIA/EIA 568C.1, C.2, C.3. In concordance all NITROTEL products used in any STRUCTURED WIRING SYSTEMS will have a Life warranty in case of any miss fabrication, only if the part haven’t been manipulated by a non Certified Technician, neither if the part have been moved from it original certified site.


The termsand conditions for NITROTEL’S certifiedSTRUCTURED WIRING SYSTEMSLife Warrantyare detailed in the Partnership Program Agreement with the Company.



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