Who we are?

NDC Group Technology stablished in 2004 as New Distribution Concept with the sole promise to distribute cables and connectors using a new idea of distribution philosophy. The concept was to bring back the traditional channel distribution methodology but using the latest technology. The channels were respected and the associates had the benefits of having only a few competitors of the brands they represent. And they can be sure their investments made in their territory comes back to them and not to other suppliers.

With that idea in mind, in June 2009 NDC made an alliance with Nitrotel International Group to distribute their line of products, at that time Nitrotel only handled copper connectivity and some network cabinets and racks. Soon Nitrotel expanded their portfolio of products using a very conservative and panned grow, as a result it became a strong and recognized brand in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2013 NDC Group Technology became the most important wholesaler of Nitrotel products. A couple of years later, in 2015, NDC made a big investment to grow their stock and carry a larger variety of Nitrotel products in the Miami’s warehouse to fulfill the Latin America and domestic demands. NDC currently keeps a large stock of products from a simple Faceplate to a very complex Fiber Optic cable.

Why choose NDC Group Technology?

NDC has a very extensive experience doing trading within the Americas and the Caribbean, we have supplied Nitrotel Products to huge projects of highly recognized corporates, as well as small projects, using our distribution channel structure. We can do all the necessary logistics to carry Nitrotel products from their factory directly to where the installation would take place.

NDC and Nitrotel share the idea of properly educate the installers and we offer several training courses for the installation and maintenance of Nitrotel products throughout the region. The idea is to provide high quality products to be installed by a certified installer, the perfect combination to acquire Nitrotel’s lifetime warranty.

Thank you for your interest in NDC group Technology, if you have any inquiries or questions regarding our products please don’t hesitate to contact us